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Why Do Women Love M/M Romance? by Amber Kell

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That’s the question I’m posing today. What makes us like the thought of hot manlove? Is it because one guy is hot and two guys only makes it hotter? Or is it because we’re a group of romance readers who like things that aren’t on the purely traditional pathway?

There are only so many woman-abducted-by-pirate stories a person can read in a lifetime before we think maybe John instead of Jane would make a better character for a sexy twist (hmmm, jotting down a note).

I started reading traditional romances when I was in my teens. You know the ones; sophisticated, rich man falls for naïve, clueless virgin and they live happily ever after. Over the years I’ve pretty much read every scenario known to author, starting at traditional m/f, progressing to ménage and now, having cut out the girly parts, read and write m/m romances.

Some people try to draw parallels to society and all kinds of psychological reasons behind the onslaught of male/male reading by a mostly female audience, but sometimes it’s just about a hot man and an interesting story. I’d love to read feedback as to why you read m/m romance or maybe why you don’t.

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Amber Kell is a published author of M/M Erotic Romance. You can find more information about her at her website at: Amber Kell

Here is information on her latest release:

Series: Perfect Strangers , Book 2
Published By: OmniLit / All Romance eBooks, LLC
Published: Feb 02, 2011
ISBN # 9781936387205

Purchase at: All Romance eBooks

Blurb: Everyone needs a little romance…

When artist Stephen Carter catches a glimpse of Master Jones on the security monitors of his brother’s BDSM club he’s entranced. A hastily drawn sketch manages to capture the Dom’s high cheekbones, square jaw, and hot, hard body. A body the quiet, reclusive Stephen would love to explore.

The subs who fall for Victor Jones always get hurt. He has no desire to enter into a committed relationship and no room in his life for romantic entanglements. But then the seasoned Dom starts to receive intriguing gifts from a secret admirer. When Victor discovers his admirer is Stephen, he decides maybe it’s time to try out something new, someone less experienced.


  1. Pam

    I think that women having achieved more equality in the past few decades, being the nuturers they are, want that for everyone. We’ve always been more accepting than men of deferences in people. Besides that..M/M is just hot!! 🙂

  2. Melinda

    I believe I like the genre because I can not truely know how it feels to be in that position. It is a way of getting the true fantasy. With m/f books, I could know that it could be that good in a relationship and it depresses me when mine does not live up to it. But with m/m, it takes me out of the real world and lets me fantasize.

  3. Thao

    For me, it is more of wanting everyone to have a happy ending and m/m genre is also like a forbidden fruit and it is different from mainstream typical normal romance novels. I also think that m/m is hot & sexy.

  4. Jambrea

    To me woman reading or even watch gay porn is the same as men liking two women together. It’s hot. Some people like to think of themselves in the middle. Nothing wrong with that either. heehee I think it also has to do with having two strong heroes. I know I really don’t like to read a book with a weak woman in it. Just don’t like it. I also like to read m/f from woman who write m/m. lol I think that is because both of their characters are usually strong. 🙂

  5. Denise Vega

    I like it because it’s not somthing I would be able to experiance first hand also the men are always so drop dead sexy & to me love is love wether male & female or male & male or female & female but M/M is the best becuse it’s something I cannot ever experiance first hand

  6. Tina

    I love it cause well I can never have too much of men in my romances and there is something HOTTER than sin about a dom and sub that are both men. yummmy and warms me up!

  7. Ashley Applebee

    I love M/M romance because I think two guys together is just really hot! I guess its because I dont really expect a man to be “tender” and with two guys together, one is more “tender” and one is more alpha and its just HOT!!

  8. Tonya

    I was like most of you and start out reading as a teenager young adult and them m/f with the hero saving the female. About four years ago I made the leap to erotic reading and have never looked back. I did initially avoid m/m stories for while I have nothing against gays and feel they deserve more rights I just did not wish to read stories about them. It took me looking at new releases on AllRomance in the ‘erotic’ area and reading the blurbs to read my first m/m stories. The story line just interested me so much I just HAD to read it. It is what hook me on m/m stories and truly they are the only type of stories I read these days. For a female to be involved it had better be a great story. The interaction of the males in the m/m storylines, the show of strength, but also gentleness. We all know how men are suppose to be men and not show weakness, but these stories show me that the men able to express themselves are truly the strong ones. I love how they can be a true alpha, but will show that tender side to their mate, that they are more than just what the outside world sees. Plus the sex is hot, sweet and romantic 🙂

    I do not know, there just seems to be a hotness factor in m/m books that I have never seen in m/f books and they have ruined me for all others.

  9. Lucia

    I agree with Melinda. It takes you out of your own world and lets you fantasize. I know how a woman can think and feel, not a man. I also think men are hot, not women, so more men, more fun in my opinion. And a big reason I like m/m more than m/f is, and I don’t know why, but I like male characters sooner than female ones… Maybe it is because in a lot of books the woman is the most important and I don’t like that.

  10. Ro

    I luv it cuz it’s an unknown territory to me, it brings out issues I was not aware of before, I have always been a fan of equality. It’s seems that well written m/m delivers the more in depth characters along with a higher level of explicit sexual intensity without destroying the masculine personality. I luv M/M because it engages my jaded side, I can be a fantasy voyeur while reading, then return to boring reality at the end of the story.

  11. jen

    I have been asked that before…and I couldn’t say one reason for sure ..I luv my happy endings, so i read anything that gives me that..f/m,mm,menage,rubenesque, and interracial…but i do luv mm books the most.. the sexy 2 man being hotter than one man …hell ya..yummy…I say though… me reading a good book…any good book is the number one reason…

  12. Jenn

    I enjoy them for multiple reasons, yes its hot to have two sexy men in your mind but also because I enjoy that at least in the fantasy world anyone can have a happy ending no matter who they love and that there’s love in any combination of hearts.

  13. Jessica B.

    That’s a really tough question. I’m like you, I started reading romance when I was in high school and just recently have been exploring and enjoying m/m, 3 somes and 4 somes. I think for me it’s just a break from the norm and curiousity. You can only read so many m/f with the same type of story before you seem to know what happens in the end. I think I also like it because it makes the tough guys seem a little bit softer through there love/protection of their lovers. I’ve never really asked myself why I like it and it just seems really tough to actually explain it.


  14. Marie A.

    I started reading m/m when a story caught my eye, that by itself wasn’t enough – but the book was deeply discounted. The story was so well written and caught at my heart that for me the “boundary” was broken. Now, I find some stories easier to read when they are m/m because I don’t have to carry my own baggage about how women should and/or shouldn’t behave and how they should or shouldn’t feel. In a m/m story I can see the forest and the trees without being pulled out of my enjoyment by those worries. As someone else posted – it puts the story at a distance for me because – not being male – I will never be able to live it. So, at this “safer” distance I can explore ideas and thoughts that are harder for me in m/f stories. I still read m/f but I am very glad that I opened my reading life to m/m fiction. I hope that I can continue to break through boundaries in my life – and that they will have equally good results:)

  15. niki

    I started reading m/m when a gay character was interduced in m/f book I was reading. I starated exploring the author and found a story about my character. from there I was hooked. I think woman relate because we dont see the softer side of the men we are involved with. The m/m romance lets a see that men can really care about another person and gives you a unique view from the male side of the story where m/f stories seem to relate more to the female view.

  16. Leslie

    Hey I’ve been reading M/M for awhile..I think my first was jourdan Lanes soulmates. The katrina Strauss Amber kell and Amanda Young. I mean the love between the guys is real and like someone else said it’s like men watching two woman. It’s hot

  17. Bridget

    I’ve read thousands of traditional romances over the years, and slowly, I started looking for something “different.” Then I found a few mm authors whose stories and/style I liked ( yes, you’re in my list 🙂 and I was hooked.
    Some mm novels have formulaic feel, but I happen to think that mm authors seem to have a greater freedom in telling a story. Yes, we do get Cinderfella stories too, we get so much more.

  18. Linda C

    I have read main traditional romances for over 40 years, but started reading menage.a couple years ago. One day I read a menage with m/m action which I liked. I decided to read Caught Running and was hooked after that. Why I was hooked, I don’t know. I think it let me enjoy romance without feeling the lack of romance in my own life.

  19. Shalvia Verdell

    I’ve written traditional romance for a long time, but I shifted over to m/m when I was in eighth grade. I had already discovered manga and its wonders, but had not begun reading yaoi yet. It was just something I would look at in Borders while my parents weren’t looking. Then I finally got my mom to buy me “Ciao Ciao Bambino” by Momoko Tenzen. That was my first yaoi. Ah, everything became clear then. BOY LOVE ROCKS!!! My mom is constantly asking me, “Why are you so ‘obsessed’ with yaoi?” Why not? Plus even though I still enjoy that usual m/f pairings, there’s really nothing hot smexy manlove. I also support the Gay community as well. The love stories I read between men are so genuine and raw. The passion and bittersweetness is simply intoxicating!! There really isn’t anything like it.

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