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Catching His Heart (Mesa Boys Book 2) Releases!

Catching His Heart (Mesa Boys Book 2) Releases!

What can I say about this book? I hated Carter’s father as much as I loved Shane and what he has with Carter. When I started writing this, I didn’t realize (because I’m a huge pantser) how much Carter’s family drama was going to play into this story. But it brings Carter’s situation as much closure as he could get while Shane gets complete closure with his father. I think this book is ultimately about loyalty and standing by the person you love, no matter what. Okay, and Carter has a huge protective streak, LOL.  

And Now, A Teaser:

Shane stepped into the apartment, then shut the door. The aroma of beef cooking filtered into his nose, making his stomach grumble. “Oh, that smells good.” He walked into the kitchen.
Carter stood at a white stove, browning hamburger in a frying pan, his black t-shirt pulled tight across his chest, gray board shorts resting on his narrow hips. “Good. I’m making tacos for dinner.”
Winding his arms around Carter’s waist, Shane pressed up behind him and kissed the side of his head. “This is sort of nice, coming home to you cooking for me. I like having a wife.”
“I’m not a wife.” Carter held the spatula up.
“Could have fooled me.” Snickering, Shane released him, then opened the refrigerator and took out two bottles of Gatorade. He set one down next to Cater. “I called my mom today.” He rested his ass on the opposite counter from him and opened the bottle, perusing small bowls filled with shredded lettuce and cheese, salsa, and sour cream, resting on the counter next to the stove.
Carter turned from the stove. “And?” He peered at him.
“And she’s in. We just have to get your mom to agree now and well, get her to admit what’s going on.” Shane sipped the Gatorade.
“Yeah, that’s on Dylan.” Carter pressed his lips together and returned to the stove.
“My Mom gave me a warning.” Shane bumped off the counter and stepped next to Carter. Did he know what his mother could be getting into?
Carter peeked at him. “Yeah? What sort of warning?”
Furrowing his brows, Shane said, “She said that with a man like your dad, what your mom is doing is dangerous.” He set his hand on Carter’s shoulder. “I did some research on the internet. When a woman leaves an abusive relationship, or tries to, that’s when things get dicey. The guy steps up his game and he might really hurt her.”
“Fuck.” Carter stopped shoving the hamburger around in the pan and clenched his jaw.
Shane turned the burner off and slid the pan over. “Come here.” He draped his arms over Carter’s shoulders.
Freeing a long breath, Carter buried his face in Shane’s neck and relaxed into his hold. “I’m scared for her, Shane.” He hooked his arms around Shane’s waist.
“I know.” Shane kissed his cheek. “So am I.” His heart ached for him. “But we’ll be careful and when she’s ready, we’ll be there for her.”

Catching His Fall (Mesa Boys Book 1) Releases!

This was a fun book to write about a young man (Tanner) who made something of himself, even with the messed up parental situation he was born into. There is a quirky bar in this book that is one of my favorites and is a real place, called, Monastery Bar and Grill. The MCs also get to go on a Mexican vacation to a fun place I went to last summer (write what you know…).

In the free prequel , you get to meet all the skaters. Each skater will basically find their HEA with someone outside of their immediate group of friends in a variety of tropes.  Now, the good stuff…


Three winners of the Rafflecopter giveaway will be able to pick their choice of any of my published works, including this book. There is also a prequel read for this book if you sign up for my newsletter. 🙂

And Now, A Teaser:

As Max opened the door on the condo and stepped inside, he took it all in. “Oh, my God. Look at the view.” He rolled his suitcase passed a dark-wood kitchen with stainless-steel appliances and black granite counters, then into a room with a glass and iron dining table and a modern, wrap-around sectional couch in dark green with colorful throw pillows. He stopped at a wall of windows and sliding glass doors, leading to a wrap-around patio. The ocean spread out in every direction, white caps twinkling in the deep blue as if they were stars in the sky.
Tanner stepped to his side and gazed out the patio door. “I can’t believe it.” He beamed.

Max wrapped an arm around his shoulders and planted a quick kiss on his cheek. “I’m so glad we could be here together.”
Tanner’s gaze met his. “Yeah, me, too.” He opened the patio door, his long, sun-bleached hair billowing out behind his head, and stepped out to an iron railing with Max following. “Holy fuck. Look at that, two pools?”
Max looked over the grounds, some ten stories below them, and grasped the iron railing. Two large pools fed into a circular pool bar cabana. Grass and palm trees made up the landscaping and beyond it all, a set of palapas lined up across the beach. “You ever watch Bachelor in Paradise?”
“What?” Tanner creased his brows.
“Jesus, Max, don’t tell him you watch that. He might find a new boyfriend.” Josh chuckled, sidling up to the patio rail.
“Shut up, you.” Max snickered, dipping his head a moment. “This place reminds me of where they film that show. They put all these couples on the beach and film them pairing up, then breaking up. It’s very dramatic. Anyway, they film that somewhere in Mexico, too.” He studied Tanner.
Tanner stared at him. “You uh, watch The Bachelor?”
Max faced him. “No, if you must know. I watch The Bachelorette sometimes. The guys are hot.” He lifted his chin. He would not be embarrassed about this.
Tanner smirked. “You’re not watching that anymore.”
Carter walked out onto the patio. “Uh-oh, Tanner’s getting his jealous on.” He snorted. “Bet you’ve never seen his jealous side, huh, Max?” Carter slapped Max’s arm.
Max let a wide smile grace his lips, focusing on Tanner’s large, hazel eyes, the flecks of green and brown glinting in the sunlight. No, he’d never seen it and Tanner had no reason to be jealous. “I don’t need to watch it anymore. I have you.” Max placed his hands on Tanner’s cheeks and gave him a long, deep kiss.
Tanner’s chest swelled with the intensity of the kiss, then he grabbed Max’s hips and pulled them close.

“Go do that in your own bedroom.” Carter scoffed, waving his arm, then stomped into the condo.
Josh tsked. “At least get unpacked first.”
Max broke the kiss, searching Tanner’s face. Tonight was the night. There would be a full moon, and everything would be perfect. “I suppose. Let’s get unpacked, so we can get down to the pool bar and the beach.”
With a grin, Tanner brushed his fingers over Max’s cheek. “Let’s do it.”

Breaking His Serve Releases!

Breaking His Serve Releases!

Why tennis? Because it’s what I know. I played tennis competitively as a teen for a tennis club and I was first singles for my high school team. I also did some tournaments. I loved Bjorn Borg and Illie Nastase:)

Anyhow, this book was a lot of fun to write. River is definitely the most fun character I’ve ever written – he’s unfiltered in pretty much every way and not afraid to show off or to be who he is. 

I love hanging out in Flagstaff, Arizona, where this book takes place. It’s a little mountain town not too far from the Grand Canyon. The restaurants and bars mentioned in the book are also some of my favorite places up there. 

While writing this book, a very good friend of mine died from pancreatic cancer. You might notice the dedication to her in the front matches River’s mother’s name. I got to tell her about that before she passed and we had a little chuckle over it. Anyhow, no more sad stuff…

Now for the Teaser:

River eyed him and edged his chest to the table. “You can talk to me, you know. I’m not as much of an asshole as you think I am.”

Chase snickered. “Yeah, right.” He ate a bite of food. “You just want more shit you can throw at me on the court.” His chest tightened. He couldn’t trust this guy. All he wanted was his position on the team.

“That’s not true.” River reached over the table and placed his hand on Chase’s forearm, gazing into his eyes. “We have a chance to help each other out here. Maybe more than on the court.”

Chase searched his face. His heart skipped and heat rushed up his neck. He looked deeply into River’s blue eyes, taking him in fully. The memory of a guy kissing River at the bar flashed through his mind. The rumors about him are true. I saw him kiss a guy. Desire shivered over his spine. He’s fucking hot…but I hate him. Remember that. He stared at the table, yanking his arm away. “So, say something helpful for once.”

“Your girlfriend is an idiot.”

“What?” Chase lifted his brows.

River sat back in his chair, smirking. “She’s an idiot.” He shrugged his shoulders. “I mean, what’s not to like about you? Well, except for your attitude.” He sniggered.

“What’s wrong with my attitude?” Anger flared in Chase’s chest. He tensed his mouth. This conversation was pointless and going nowhere.

“You need to relax a little bit. Have some fun for once.” River looked him over. “I bet you’re pretty tame in bed, too.”

“What?” Chase jumped from his chair, glaring down at River. Why the hell would he even go there? “Take that back.”

River chuckled and waved his hand. “Sit down.” He scanned around him. “You’re making a scene.”

Chase surveyed the people around them, all fixated on him. He took his seat. “You talk about my attitude. Why do you have to talk like that? We’re supposed to be going over the game.”

“Yeah, whatever. This is so much more fun.” River sipped his beer. “You’re so easy to rile up. Surprising, considering how controlled everyone says you are.”

Chase slumped his shoulders. He was right. It seemed not only could River run him all over the court, he did the same off the court. Why did he let him get to him so much? It wasn’t like him to let people get under his skin like this. But River just…He drew a deep inhale and ate some food.