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How much does your boyfriend or husband like Yaoi?

  So I just recently downloaded and watched (for a whopping $3 each, mind you) Little Ashes with Robert Pattinson and Dorien Gray with Ben Barnes. I loved these movies, especialy Little Ashes. Without giving you all spoilers, I’d just like to say there is one very hot and erotic scene in particular I liked *TT* in Little Ashes.
This story revolves around Salvador Dali’s homosexual relationship with Frederico Garcia Lorca (played by Javier Beltran). Pattinson plays up Dali’s bizarre behavior exquisitely, in my opinion, showing the artist as a shy introvert one minute and then having outbursts of grandiosity the next.
But this blog isn’t a review of the movie. Oh no, that would be too easy 😉 You see, the movie caught the interest of my boyfriend, who likes to watch true-story movies about crazy famous people. Yes, I told him there were “homosexual elements” and yes, he knows where my interests lie with all of that. But still, I’d ranted so much about how well Pattinson (the dude he lovingly refers to as “that vampire wimp”) played the eccentric Dali that he wanted to see it.
So we watched it together.
There were bouts of “Oh, God” followed by “Really?” and then the old, “I need to get something out of the kitchen” during the erotic scene I mentioned above. But much to his credit, he did sit and watch it without too much fuss.
This whole episode makes me remember a time when he told me he wanted to read my first book, A Summer Without Rain, because he’s Irish and it’s about two Irish boys, LOL. So I let him. He didn’t even make it through the first chapter! Ha! And then his best friend who is also Irish decided that he should read it, too. He made it about half-way through, but didn’t read the sex scenes. Every time I asked him about it, he made a funny face and shook his head.
And then there was the time after much drinking, my boyfriend, a girl friend of mine and her boyfriend wanted to know what all the hub-bub was about Yaoi. So I let them watch one of my Yaoi DVD’s, which I believe was Okane Ga Nai or No Money. This is about a guy who basically buys a much younger, very prettty boy for use as a sex slave. My girl friend loved it. The guys? Not so much. In fact my boyfriend still believes he gets nightmares from it and he’s been mind-scarred for life. ROFL.
I’ve also been watching Queer as Folk on DVD (yes, I’m a late bloomer). My boyfriend and his friend, the one who tried to read my book, came in the house one day while I had it on the TV in the main room. There was your typical scene of the guys at Babylon, you know, naked hot men grinding on each other and my boyfiend and his friend both just sort of stood there with their mouths hanging open.
My boyfriend said, “What the hell is that?”
To which I replied “Queer as Folk.”
And his friend tilted his head and said, “Oh, that’s, that’s not a chick?”
My boyfriend crinkled his nose and said, “You’re soiling the TV with your faggotry.”
I just laughed at them. It is now forever known as “My Faggotry”. And I love it. So there.
How much does your significant other like Yaoi?

Uke Versus Seme – Who’s Really on Top?

Okay, so we all know in the world of gay men there are the tops and the bottoms, the pitchers and the catchers, the hot dogs and the buns (?)…You get it, I’ll stop there:) In Yaoi or Boys Love anime and manga, it’s referred to as the uke (botton) and the seme(top). Let’s have a little discussion about this, shall we?

The seme is typically what you’d find in your standard romance novel, the confident alpha male who may be famous, runs a business empire, is some type of royalty or otherwise has lots of money and/or high social status. The uke is the shy, nerdy guy who’s usually a college student or just a kid (can you say shota? But this is a topic for another blog). I suppose if you draw lines to tradional romance novels you’d see the uke acting in the traditional woman’s role – girl meets dashing, wealthy asshole who just so happens to have a thing for her, but won’t admit it until well into the story, maybe even the end. But what’s different and maybe so alluring about the uke in a Yaoi story is that because this character is a male, he may be catching in the bedroom, but he surely isn’t always catching outside of it.

How many times have we seen a Yaoi plot where the seme is falling all over the uke, bending to his every whim, just to get him in the bedroom? And how many times do we see the uke manipulating the seme in and out of the bedroom to get what he wants? What about the uke’s pretending not to like sex? Not like sex? A guy? Really??? And so I ask the question, who’s really on top? And more over, why can’t they be switch hitters? *drool*

So in the quest to figure out who’s really on top, I asked Roy Mustang and Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist fame (because I know them best):

Me: So, Edward, would you consider yourself a bottom or a top?
Ed: What?!
Roy: He’s a bottom.
Ed: Shut up, Mustang. Don’t pretend you know what that is.
Roy: Please, just be a good boy and drink your milk.
Ed: *sputters* This isn’t milk, it’s egg nog!
Me: Oh, but there’s milk in it. Sorry…
Ed: *spits all over the table* What the fuck?
Me: Here, let me get some paper towels *gets paper towels and comes back*
Ed: *glares at me and wipes up mess*
Roy: Ahem…the question was top or bottom, right?
Me: Uh, yeah. *watching Ed and keeping far away*
Roy: I’d definitely say that Ed is the bottom and I’m the top. I mean, really…I’m the older one, the bigger one, the one with–
Ed: The one who likes it up the ass!
Roy: *turns red*
Ed: Yeah, I said it. He likes it in the ass. *snickers* that makes him a bottom, right?
Me: I, I guess so…
And so there you have it. Seme or Uke, it’s all good and we love it!

Max and Iago – Love Story

So I’m watching the Max and Iago Love Story shows on YouTube (thanks so much to Evama1977 for making them) and I’m thinking to myself, I’ll be damned if this isn’t just like a typical Yaoi story! Iago is the perfect seme – gorgeous, confident and of course, the bad boy. Max is the perfect Uke – smart, sweet and looking for a loving relationship. Also, they both have these terrible pasts, but Iago’s seems like it was worse (hence turning into the bad boy he is). And of course, they’re both pretty boys with lean bodies and long hair!

Like in your typical Yoai, at first they’re at odds with each other and tell anyone who’ll listen how much they hate the other one. Then of course there is the hot kiss followed by lots of angst and you know the rest;) I’m really not trying to spoil it for anyone.

So my question is, what is it about the bad boy seme and the cute little uke that we (I’m talking about women here, but gay men can speak up, too) love so much about this pair? How is it that it seems so universal? This show was made in Spain, I think – please someone help me here, and Yoai started in Japan, so the concept does seem to cross cultural borders. Are we, as women, putting ourselves in the place of the sweet little uke? Which means, all us Yaoi and M/M Romance loving females can’t get enough of the bad boys? I know I prefer them, LOL. Yep, the longer the hair, the more piercings and tattoos, the better. But I digress…

Just someone answer the question – why do you love this pairing?

You can watch it on YouTube here: Max and Iago – Love Story