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Yaoi, M/M Romance Character Interview: Shannon Sullivan

I thought it would be fun to post some “character interviews” from my books and maybe give some further insight to their background and such. First off – Shannon Sullivan, the main character from “A Summer Without Rain.” If you haven’t read the book, here’s a quick blurb and you can access more information here. If you’ve read it, feel free to skip the blurb;)

The picture to the left there is my first character sketch of Shannon. It’s very rough and I used charcoal and paper as the medium, then of course took a photo of it and uploaded it from my camera. The paper this is drawn on is 18×24 inches, so it’s huge! I wanted him to look pensive and a bit shy:) Anyhow, thought anyone reading this might get a kick out of seeing my first impression of him. Maybe I should call this “Behind the Book”, LOL.


In 1920’s Ireland, Shannon understands all too well that the love and hunger he feels for his best friend, Ciaran, is forbidden.  He’s already shunned by his town and emotionally damaged from enduring painful confessions after a male teacher’s molestation at age fourteen.  But when he finds Ciaran in a barn, grieving over the sudden death of his mother, a hasty and desperate embrace shatters an unspoken boundary between them.  Then, Shannon and Ciaran are sent on a journey to Dublin to bring a family heirloom to Ciaran’s aunt.  Along the way, a drunken evening leads to an illicit act in a hotel room, confusing Ciaran and forcing them both down a treacherous path of deceit and desire.  Can love overcome the obstacles of Irish society, the Catholic Church, and political unrest?

So, on with the interview (and yes, we’re back in 1920’s Ireland. Fiction is magic, you know):

Me: I’m sitting here at a small square table in a dark Irish pub called, McFlynne’s Whiskey River, with Shannon Sullivan from “A Summer without Rain”.

Me: *turns to Shannon* Hi, Shannon, it’s great to see you again after what was it, two years now?

Shannon: Almost two years. I’ve been quite busy, you know, in all that time.

Me: Busy doing what?

Shannon: *blushes and looks away* Getting ready for a serious thing with Ciaran.

Me: Serious? What sort of serious thing?

Shannon: *wringing hands* Well, seems we’ve come to a point where just living together in Aunt Iona’s flat isn’t enough. We want our own place, a bloody right place for us. One with thick walls and windows that shut real tight now.

Me: *laughing* So no one hears you having sex?

Shannon: *eyes wide* Christie, I can’t believe you would bloody say that! I thought you were a right decent woman…

Me: I’m the one that wrote all those torrid sex scenes, remember?

Shannon: *blushes again* Right… *he looks up at me with a twinkle in his eye* And I bloody well thank you for that.

Me: Okay, so how are you and Ciaran doing?

Shannon: Ah, he’s all right. I do love the bloody bastard and all, but sometimes he angers me something fierce. *sits forward in his chair* Like the other day, he thought it was a grand idea to write a letter to me ma and da, trying to explain how much their silence over these years pains me. And now they’re coming out from Enfield to see me. Can you bloody believe that? I about shat myself.

Me: *smiling and taking Shannon’s hand* I’m glad they’re finally coming to see you. And you should thank Ciaran for loving you so much that he did that for you. It must have been one hell of a letter to get them to actually come out. It’s got to be  a very tough thing for them to face.

Shannon. Yeah, Aunt Iona and Ciaran’s da say they’ll stand behind me no matter what when they come. But I’m bloody petrified. What if me da tries to have me arrested or sent off to the bloody nuthouse?

Me: Arrested? I don’t think so…

Shannon: But he bloody well could.

Me: I don’t think so.

Shannon: *looks around a moment* I s’pose Aunt Iona and Mr. O’Kelly would put  stop to it.

Me: Don’t worry, Shannon. Ciaran would be the one who’d put a stop to it. You know he’d find a way and I doubt he’d allow your dad to visit knowing that something like that might happen. He loves you and I know he’d do anything for you.

Shannon: *smiles* Yeah, the bloody bastard.

Me: So how’ve you gotten on here in Dublin?

Shannon: Bloody great, actually. I have lots of friends now and even female friends that don’t care so much about me and Ciaran. I guess they’re more like Aunt Iona. See, we all belong to this sort of underground club. One that’s just for people like us, you know, *chuckles* people who like mint ice cream. In fact, that’s what we call it.

Me: Mint ice cream?

Shannon: *sits back and shakes head* No, the Mint Club. Aunt Iona started it before we even came down here the first time. Now it’s all bleedin’ political and stuff.

Me: *smiles* So did you ever learn how to drive a car?

Shannon: *frowns and rubs table surface with fingers* Sort of.

Me: Sort of ? Is that a no? *chuckles*

Shannon: No, that’s a sort of. I bloody hate driving automobiles and I can’t fathom why Ciaran can’t just leave it be.

Me: I got a hint for you, *sits forward* they’re not going away.

Shannon: Ah hell.

And there you have it. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I liked writing it;) Oh, and the picture on the right, there, is the final drawing of Shannon for the book cover. If you click on it, it’ll open up bigger:)

The Obsession

The Obsession
A Yaoi, M/M Contemporary Romance
© Copyright Christie Gordon
All rights reserved, eXtasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-55487-494-1
As a senior-year art student at a Santa Barbara university, Tristan is caught in a mental prison of his own making. Sexually repressed and emotionally abused by an oppressive mother, his preference for men leads him into sexual addiction. Then a new roommate appears in his dorm – Collin, a stunning psychology major from class he’s fantasized about since the start of the school year, a young man Tristan’s fallen in love with from afar. Collin uses his charm and knowledge of psychology to pull Tristan out of his self-destructive existence and into a tumultuous affair. But Collin has a secret, a secret that could potentially further damage Tristan and send him plummeting farther into isolation and desperation than he’s ever been before. Will Collin’s secret emerge? And will Tristan move forward and find the love he’s always craved or will he fall headlong back into addiction and lose everything he’s worked so hard for?
Available at: eXtasy Books
Available May, 2010 at: Amazon, Fictionwise, All Romance eBooks, Mobipocket

Collin closed the door and walked up to Tristan‘s bedside with a mischievous grin on his lips. He placed his hands on the bottom hem of his shirt and slowly, sensually, lifted.

He tilted his head toward Collin, his gaze roaming over the taut abdomen peeking out from under the t-shirt. “What are you doing?”

Collin licked his lips, glanced at Tristan‘s groin and focused on his face. “Trying to decide what the best position would be for you to draw me.”

Tristan lurched up to sitting on his bed. “What?”

Giving a quick tilt of his head, Collin tugged the shirt up and off and threw it to the floor. “You heard me. Naked, partially clothed, or maybe just some sheets wrapped around me?” His hands fell to unfasten his belt and jeans. The jeans dropped to the floor. His cock stood up hard and ready under the thin cotton of his boxers.

His breathing grew shallow and his own cock swelled at the site of Collin‘s erection. “Um, um…”

“Naked, yeah.” In one quick movement, Collin stepped out of his tennis shoes and jeans and brought the boxers down and off with his socks. He straightened. A smirk ran across his lips. His hand came up to cup his sac. “How‘s this?”

“Uh…” Tristan‘s hardened cock ached in his jeans and he adjusted himself, squeezing the head of his erection. It pulsed as a wave of pleasure washed over him.

Keeping his gaze affixed to Tristan‘s eyes, Collin backed up to his bed and lay across it, placed one arm up, bent, and behind his head like a pin up in a magazine. His free hand came up to rest on his erection. He gave it one long, slow stroke and hissed, closing his eyes and thrusting his hips. “Just like this, Tristan. Capture me touching myself, thinking of you. Thinking of your mouth on my cock. Do it.” He slid his hand up and down his shaft in an agonizingly slow motion. His brows furrowed and his mouth opened in obvious pleasure.

Tristan‘s body shook with need. His cock grew painful, aching for release at the site of Collin. “O-kay, um, let me get my things.” His voice wavered. Gulping hard, he crouched down and retrieved the charcoals and drawing pad from the portfolio. He sat back up on his bed and set the pad in his lap to draw. He looked at Collin.

Pre-seed glistened at the tip of Collin‘s cock. His fingers ran over it and swirled it over the head of his erection. His hips thrust up and a throaty groan released from his mouth.

Tristan‘s sac tightened and felt full. Even the slightest movement might send him over the edge. “Oh shit, Collin. I-I don‘t think I can do this.”

In a husky voice, Collin said, “Yes you can. I want my picture to be the only one you need. The only one you can‘t sell or even show to anyone because it means so much to you.” His fingers slipped down his shaft and ran circles over his sac. Gasping, his body shuddered.

Holding his breath, he forced himself to focus on the perfect curves and lines of Collin‘s body, the contours of muscle and tendon, the beautiful arc of his thick cock and rounded buttocks. Desire jolted through him, making him raw with need. He shut his eyes tight. Shit, focus, Tristan. His eyes opened. He blew out a breath and drew with an artist‘s eye, seeing shapes and shadow and light.

Lifting his hips again, Collin‘s palm stroked hard over his erection and circled the top. He let out one soft moan after another. “Lick me, Tristan. Just once.”

Tristan‘s hand stopped over the drawing. His cock twitched in his jeans. “Uh, just once?”

“Yeah, come on. Just once.” He stroked his swollen cock down and up with his thumb and index finger. “Hurry, I‘m close.”

Tristan set the drawing pad and charcoal stick on the bed, stepped over to Collin and leaned over his waist, resting on his elbows. Collin‘s erection was a mere inch from his lips. How he hungered for it.

“Come on, Tristan. But just once. I don‘t want to cum yet.” Collin‘s fingers released their hold on his cock.

Yaoi and Slash Yahoo Group

I’ve made a Yahoo Group just for us : Yaoi_and_Slash. It’s for discussing all the things I tweet and write about in this blog – yaoi, slash, M/M Romance, anime, jrock, etc. I want to bring fans, authors and artists together, because I looked over all the Yahoo Groups and there wasn’t one active group like it…really. You can post links to your favorite sites, pics of your favorite yaoi pair or talk about the fanfiction story you just read. Really, just like that. And even talk about your favorite jrock song or anime – all in one place. Crap, I sound like a salesman, don’t I? *slinks away*… but really, go ahead and post some fanfiction or original fiction in the files section, I don’t care. Put up your own fanart, why don’t you? And it’s adult, so you don’t have to keep it clean *snicker, snicker*. Just make sure you’re over 18 to join<–disclaimer.

And I’ve decided to make Tristan, the main character for my new book, my poster boy, LOL.

Oh, and you can join with the handy little app over there on the right side of my blog or by going here: Yaoi and Slash