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Death Note Yaoi Fanfiction: Why We Make Men Who Hate Each Other Fuck Each Other

This is a common theme in yaoi, is it not? Us fangirls and fanboys taking two characters of a series on clearly opposite sides, who clearly hate each other and then making them, well, fuck. I can think of so many it’s not even funny (okay, maybe it is). There’s Kira and Athrun, Ed and Roy, Ed and Envy (isn’t Envy really his homunculus brother?), Lalouch and Suzaku, Zero and Kaname and of course pretty much all the men of Death Note including Light and L, Near and Mello, and every combination in-between.

I think this may be a left over from the classical romance days. Wasn’t the heroine always supposed to hate the man she was secretly attracted to? And the man is always an ass to the woman initially, until he’s been scorned repeatedly and then somehow miraculously decides he’s in love with her, changes over night and off into the sunset they ride on their gleaming white horse. Oh my, I seem to have gotten off on a tangent. Tsk tsk to me for having so much hetero talk on a yaoi and M/M romance blog! Ack! So my point is that in yaoi and M/M romance fandom, it seems like we’re following this age old theme. We take two hot guys on the opposite sides of a war, who battle against each other (and if they happened to be childhood friends and very angst-ridden it’s even better;) ) and somehow in our fanfiction world, they come together and their passion for each other is so overwhelming… they fuck. In the ass. First time. Okay, so maybe not the first time. You want your reader to wait for that, but you want to give them a little something so the characters like, bump into each other, get drunk, whatever and soon they’re kissing on each other and groping like the sexually frustrated virgins we make them out to be;)

And it’s hot, I have to admit. So what makes it so hot to read about Light and L getting it on? Well, there was that handcuff thing, but I think I’ve beat that one to death, LOL. Maybe it’s because it adds an even higher level of the forbidden. I mean, for me at least, the “forbidden” is part of what makes yaoi and M/M Romance such a great love story to read. It adds angst and lots of drama for not only these guys to be OMG, gay for each other, but to not supposed to like each other at all. And in Death Note, we have two extremely smart individuals who in the series are playing this sort of cat and mouse game with each other. Can you imagine the reaction of Light’s father if he found out his son was sticking it to L? Hah!!! How about the other guys on the case? And Misa would be heartbroken. Good, I hated her anyway. The shock and horror on her face if she walked in to L and Light in the middle of a hot and heavy boinking session would be a sight to behold. But back to the cat and mouse game, I wonder how many fanfiction stories have this being played out in the bedroom as well: 

Pinning L’s arms up above his head on their bed, Light looked down upon a naked L with a smirk. The chains connected to their handcuffs jingled. He ground his hips onto L’s erection and leaned down to savor L’s lips, sweet with the mint candy he’d eaten. “You know, I’ve heard mints are great for blow jobs.”
“So…I guess I’ll be giving the blow job tonight?” L’s eyes sparkled with mischievous intent.
Light thought a moment. If he gives me the blow job, then that means he knows I’m Kira. But if he doesn’t give me the blow job, then maybe he wants to fuck me instead. If he wants to fuck me, then maybe he’ll find out that Kira can kill with more than just heart attacks. But if we just kiss, then maybe he’s found out about it already.
Ryuk leaned down and peered up into Light’s face. “Jesus, kid, would you just do it already? I need my apple fix.” 

See what I mean? LOL. So why do you think we love to make men who hate each other fuck each other?

Hot Anime Men in the Spotlight

Okay, so the question today is, who is your favorite hot anime guy and why?

Off the top of my head I’m thinking about all the Gundam series, starting with Wing and ending with 00, just because I have yet to find a place that is streaming Gundam Unicorn online (but if I find one, I’ll let y’all know.). In Wing, we have Duo, Heero, Trowa, Quatre and Wufei. I think I like Due and Heero most, of course the dude with the long hair and the silent strong type;) I believe they are my favorite yaoi pairing from this series, too. As far as the Gundam Seeds go, I love Kira and Athrun. Kira is just so… well angsty and Athrun is the sensitive type that I wish more dudes had in them. And then of Gundam 00, my favorites are Neil Dylandy (first only to his twin brother Lyle) and Allelujah Haptism. Setsuna, though very angsty, just seems too young to me and I’m sorry, Tieria is really a girl with a male voice, isn’t he? LOL


This... is Hugue. O.O

I could name so many, like Kira and L from Death Note, Ichigo and Renji from Bleach(I just recorded the Bleach movies they showed on Adult Swim last night), Cain, Able and Hugue from Trinity Blood(love, love, Hugue), Hagi from Blood +, Amon from Witch Hunter Robin, Cloud and Vincent from Final Fantasy and Edward Elric and Roy Mustang from FMA (you didn’t think I’d forget them, did you?)  and so on.

Let’s get on to why these characters appeal to us. First and foremost for me, artwork in the anime is of utmost importance. I’m thinking Death Note, Blood Trinity, Final Fantasy and Gundam 00 here. I think everything in these series is beautifully drawn, let alone the characters. And they always have cool hair. What’s up withe free flowing, long and gorgeous hair in anime guys? Why can’t real guys look like that? Oh wait, JRockers pretty much do;) I’ve always liked dudes with long hair and I don’t know why. Maybe someday I’ll have to examine this more with a therapist, LOL. But even when I was a teenager, I always went for the dude with the longest hair and bonus if he had dark hair (black preferable). Of course, I dated a lot of musicians (and still do). Hair is my favorite part to draw when I do my own artwork and notice, not many dudes with short hair.

Moving on, how about how these guy’s bodies are drawn? Even the supposed high schoolers have a body to die for. We’re talking muscled hairless chests, six pack abs and long and lean. This is just my type as well. Not only do I like my men to have long hair, but I prefer them to have more of a lean body – none of this muscle bound, I can’t put my arms all the way down, types. And no, I do not like facial hair or a whole lot of chest hair and too bad. I like what I like and it happens to be just what anime dudes look like. Maybe this is why manga and anime appeal much more to me than Marvel Comics and  American cartoons (that was a whole other blog – “What’s up with American Animation?”)

With all the short haired, muscled dudes you see on romance novels and such and the types of guys my friends date (uh, that type), it makes me think that my taste is a little, well, eccentric. Or maybe I’m just out of the closet and there are legions of women who don’t really like the culture-driven, spoon-fed types of guys that are on television and romance novel book covers. Maybe there are hordes of us who really, secretly long for dudes who look like Lockon Stratos and Hugue. I mean, Fabio was pretty popular at one point, right? What happened to all those women? Did they all just go back in their closets?

What do you like and why?

Yaoi Talk: L and Light Yagami

Me: Welcome to another edition of Yaoi Talk with your host, Christie Gordon. Today we have with us L and Light–
Light: I said leave it alone!
L: But there is a 99.963 percent chance of you having candy in there.
Me: (leans over the table) In where?
scuffle, scuffle
Light: Get your hand out of there!
L: But something’s in there, I feel it!
Light: No there isn’t…OW!
L: I got it (smiles big)
Me: You’ve got what?
Light: That’s not candy! (falls backward in the chair)
L: Ah! (falls backward in the chair with his hand in Light’s front pocket)
Me: Uh, what, what are you two doing down there?
Light: (gasps) Get it out!
L: Hmmm, cylindrical, hard, a bit of a lip toward the top…
L: (eyes widen) Oh…oops, sorry.
Me: Uh, what is it?
(L and Light both sit up)
L: (flushes and looks around)
Light: (glares at L) It was nothing.
L: Oh, I’d say it was something.
Me: What the hell was it?
L: Light here seems very happy to be here today.
Light: Shut up.
Me: …Okay, well, moving on. I’d like to ask you both some questions.
Light: Please do.
Me: Okay, well, when was the first time you two got together? Was it when you were handcuffed?
L: No.
Light: Yes. (glares at L)
Me: Um, well when was it?
L: (sits back in seat) Okay, okay, Light? Honey, sweetie, Light of my life?
Light: (slaps L in the shoulder)
L: Ow. I have something to tell you.
Light: What, here on the radio?
L: Good a place as ever, I think.(pulls small candy out of his pocket and pops it into his mouth) 
Light: (sighs)
L: Well, it seems I found the seized narcotics room at the station late one night while we were working the Kira case and I just couldn’t help myself. I put just a tad bit of rohypnol in your tea.
Light: Rohypnol? What’s that?
L: (shrugs) On the street it’s called roofies or the date rape drug. So, as I was saying–
Light: You date raped me?!
Me: Whoa…
L: The chances of us hooking up were only 24.56 percent at the time and I found your criminal mind so undeniably attractive, I just–
Light: You raped me?
L: Rape is a strong word… You seemed to really enjoy our little tryst, though you didn’t remember it. (puts finger to lips) I do remember you having some problems sitting the next day…
Light: (look of horror on face) You bastard! And you told me I must have pulled something playing tennis!
L: Well, you never were that good at tennis…
Light: What?
L: Oh, was that out loud?
Me: Oh my. Um, I think our time is up, guys.
Light: Oh yeah? Come on, Ryuuzaki, I’ll take you on anytime. An-y-time.
Me: And so you heard it here, on Yaoi Talk. L and Light, um, hooked up before their infamous handcuffing.
L: (stands up) You think so? How about now? Huh?
Light: (stands up) Okay, okay, let’s do it.

Me: Um, come on guys, settle down. And this concludes another edition of Yaoi Talk.