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Tag: mm romance

Not Alone: A Rock Star MM Romance Release Date!

Not Alone - Rock Star Yaoi, MM Romance Novel

August 27, 2021!

The Release date is here for Not Alone. I’m pretty excited to be finally getting this book out there. It will be available first at eXtasy Books, then most book retailers within the week (Amazon, Apple, etc). A little bit more on the background:

  • It takes place in Pacifica, California and Ash rents an apartment from a complex where I used to live (I loved living in Pacifica).
  • Ash tries to surf on a beach where a wave pounded me into the sand, because I didn’t know you shouldn’t surf there, LOL. This is also where he meets Micah.
  • The two go to some of my favorites places in the Bay Area and hike where I used to hike.
  • My partner is a bass player and was in a signed band back East, so gave me lots of insider info about the business.

This was a fun book to write and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Where Are All the MM Romance Books?

I’ve been talking about all these books I’ve been working on and some of you may be wondering – where the heck are they? Well, my publisher, eXtasy Books, had to completely overhaul their website and aren’t releasing anything until that is done. In my day job, I work closely with the company web team, so I know this is no small task. They have assured us all that the new website will be up any day now and in the meantime, we are all working on writing, editing and covers.

So, here’s the list of books on the way and where they’re at:

  • Not Alone: A Rock Star MM Romance: Ready for Release Date (Was supposed to be released in June)
  • In Life and Blood Book 3 – The Bonds of Family: A Vampire MM Romance: Waiting for cover, then a release date
  • The Haunting Crush: A Paranormal/Mystery MM Romance: In editing
  • Find Me in July: A Vintage MM Romance: In editing
  • Name TBD: A Contemporary Tennis MM Romance: Currently writing (25,000 words in)

You can check out the blurbs for each of these or any of my other books by clicking on the titles above or clicking on my books tab.

One last thing – If anyone has any books they’d like to see written, let me know. I’m taking requests:)

New Release: Say the Words, a Gay and MM Romance Novel

The new book got through the Amazon reviews, etc., faster than I thought and it’s here! It’s available as a Kindle ebook and I’m working on the paperback version now.

Preview and Buy at Amazon

 Say the Words

Say the Words - MM - Gay Romance - Christie Gordon - Cover

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance, M/M Romance, BL Romance

Length: 84,000 Words

Release Date: February 4, 2021


When starting over means taking chances.

Luke Anderson was in love once. It didn’t end well. In fact, it ended terribly when he discovered his boyfriend indulging in a quick hook-up on New Year’s Eve. Since then, he’s gotten affection from trivial gay bar hook-ups with no strings attached. It’s safe. It’s easy. It’s fun. Now graduated from Arizona State University and beginning a new job in a Tempe, Arizona, high-tech company, he feels like his life is starting over.

Jax Meyer is not completely happy with his current relationship. After attending a class with Luke in the fall of their senior year, he now finds himself attending the new college grad bootcamp class at the same high-tech company as Luke. He’s been given a second chance. It’s time to take charge and do what he didn’t have the guts to do at college.

Jax has Luke’s full attention from the moment they see each other in the lobby on their first day at work. Luke finds Jax incredibly hot, after all. When Jax sits next to Luke in class and dominates his time with flirtatious comments and suggestive touching, Luke believes Jax is interested in more than a friendly relationship. But when Jax admits to having a girlfriend, Luke’s confusion with the situation grows. In order to have what they both want, Jax has to first figure himself out and Luke has to be willing to take a chance.