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Come Closer to Me: A Brother's Best Friend MM Romance

Come Closer to Me (Rock U Book 2): A Brother's Best Friend MM Romance

Come Closer to Me: A Brother's Best Friend MM Romance

Available on Kindle Unlimited, eBook, Paperback and Hard Cover

What’s in it:
– Bi-Awakening
– First Times
– Tutoring
– Hurt/Comfort
– Coming Out
– Rockers

– Past Death of a Parent
– Past Death of a Sibling

A man crushing on his brother’s best friend. Another man who’s afraid to love. When all is laid bare, can love triumph over fear?

Axel Sandstrom

I’m the lead guitar player in a punk-pop band and I get hit on a lot. But I’ve got a big problem—a crush on my older brother’s best friend, Remy.

Of course, he’s straight.

So instead of having him, I’ve become the king of hookups. I’m used to hiding my feelings behind teasing and innuendo. But that only drives him further away from me.

When Remy decides to go back to school, my brother asks me to tutor him. After spending time alone with him, it’s pretty obvious he’s not as straight as he says he is.

Remy Hall

Axel makes me feel things. Tingly things.

But he’s also obnoxious and my best friend’s younger brother.

I should stay away, except that I need him to tutor me. During our tutoring sessions it’s impossible for me to deny my attraction to him.

But the bigger issue, is my all-consuming fear of being close to people.

After the deaths of my younger brother and my dad, I don’t want to get close to anyone. But Axel makes me want to try.

He might have the conviction to yank me back to him, kicking and screaming, as I’m about to fall off the edge.


“Oh. My. GOSH!!! This was the most perfect book!! The pining… SO much pining. Axel, one of the guitar players in the band Knot Me has been in love with his brother’s best friend, Remy for as long as he can remember. Remy’s suffered so much loss in his life that he doesn’t trust love and limits any relationships to hookups. Besides, he’s straight, isn’t he?

I read pretty much constantly and have quite a few favorites but Come Closer To Me is my absolute favorite book ever, so far. Don’t miss out on this book and don’t let it sit in your TBR pile, grab it right now. If you start reading early enough you might actually get a little sleep tonight 😄.”
 – vlcunning on Amazon

“What do you do when you know your soulmate has always been in front of you? You hope they eventually find their way to you. Axel is one of the lucky few to actually get that fulfillment. I do feel as if Remy was forced to accept his feelings for Axel and be equally committed to him without the time he clearly wanted/needed to sort himself out first. However, it becomes clear through certain events that the timing ends up working out beautifully. Such a page-turner! I can’t wait to see what amazing things will happen for Caleb.”
 – Anna J. on Amazon

“I loved loved loved this story. It took me a little to get into the story at first but once I got into it I could not put it down. Seeing the relationship build between Remy and Axel was so amazing to see and the support they had from all their family and friends. Christie Gordan is definitely becoming one of my favorite mm authors and I want to read all of her works! Keep up the amazing work <3”
 – SpookyKoro on Amazon

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