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Come Closer to Me (Rock U Book 2): An Older Brother's Best Friend MM Romance

Get Closer to Me - Rock U - MM Romance

What’s in it:
– Bi-Awakening
– First Times
– Tutoring
– Hurt/Comfort
– Coming Out
– Rockers

– Past Death of a Parent
– Past Death of a Sibling

Axel crushes on a man he thinks he can’t have. Remy faces his fear of losing those he loves.

Axel: I’m the lead guitar player in a punk-pop band I started with my best friend back in high school and I get hit on a lot. But I’ve got a big problem—a crush on my older brother’s best friend, Remy. He’s the man I’ve had a crush on my whole life. But of course, he’s straight. So instead of having him, I rely on hook ups with men who look a lot like him and in my head, they become him. The only way I can get close to Remy, is by hiding my feelings with teasing and innuendo. Problem is, it only drives him further away from me. Then Remy decides to go back to school, and my brother asks me to tutor him since we’re getting the same degree. When Remy is forced to spend time with me, it becomes pretty apparent he’s not as straight as he says he is.

Remy: Axel makes me feel things. Tingly things. But he’s also obnoxious and my best friend’s younger brother. It’s better if a stay away from him. But after flunking out of college, I’m really tired of my security system installation job. I need Axel’s help if I’m going to make it through my classes. When I let him tutor me, it’s impossible for me to deny his advances and the attraction I have to him, well, the attraction to men that I’ve buried my whole life.

But the bigger issue, is my all-consuming fear of being close to people. My younger brother drowned in a swimming pool when I was four and my fireman dad told stories at our dinner table about the hideous accidents he saw, then fell victim to a building collapse. It’s no wonder I don’t want to get close to anyone. My morbid mind won’t let me go there. But something about Axel makes me want to try. He might have the confidence to pull me back to him, kicking and screaming, when I’m about to fall off the edge.

Come Closer to Me is a bisexual awakening, hurt/comfort, rocker romance with an older brother’s best friend. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a confident gay man who goes after what he wants, and a man who’s hiding his attraction to men and shies away from love. This is book two in the Rock U series. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone.

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