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I Love Soccer for the Hot Men…and Action

Hot World Cup Soccer Players - ItalyMy boyfriend loves soccer. And since I love sports in general, I’ve been watching the World Cup with him this year. I knew soccer players were hot, I mean, who hasn’t drooled over pictures of David Beckham? But wow, it seems there is a never-ending line up of man candy in the World Cup. For ball players (pun intended), these guys aren’t your typical athletes. No, they have everything a lover of Yaoi and M/M Romance looks for in hotness, don’t they? From the long hair and lean bodies to the strong jawlines and ripped abs we all like to see on our book covers. These guys are beautiful. Which of course, gives me an idea for a story. I wonder how many of those hot guys are gay? Oh my…the locker room…the shower…I need to stop right there, LOL.

I am loving the actual game as well, don’t get me wrong. The nail-biting shoot outs going on right now in the next round are just about killing me. I can’t seem to leave my couch, not even to write or draw! I just wish the teams I’m cheering for would quite losing:( Like Mexico today or Italy. Damn. At least I still have the US team for now. Oh well, no matter who wins, we still have man candy to watch:)

Three new M/M Romance Stories Planned

Lucian - Gay and M/M Romance CharacterI’m on a roll! I’ve got some new stories planned and one is inspired by the dude I drew on the left there. That’s the main character for my next full-length novel, Finding Human and his name is Lucian. I’ve also added him to my art page. The next one, Night Swimming is a short story I plan on doing for a fun free read. And the last one, The Bonds of Family, will be my third and last book in my In Life and Blood trilogy. I just hope I can hold myself to these dates…

Title: Finding Human

Genre: Yaoi Infused M/M Romance – Fantasy

Length: 90,000 Words

Release Date: Late Fall, 2014

Blurb: Mankind has stretched beyond Earth to form colonies on other planets, but has forgotten from where it came. Genetically modified humans, or Alts, were cultivated to ensure survival. Alts are feared and persecuted by humans.

Lucian is an Alt and he is in love. With a human. And this is forbidden.

Ezra is the human son of the Regulator of Strata. He is charismatic, loyal to his father’s cause and wholly unattainable. Lucian is obsessed with Ezra. The obstacles are great, but with courage and hearts that won’t be restrained, there is hope. Not just for Lucian and Ezra, but for both their peoples to find harmony.

Title: Night Swimming

Genre: Yaoi Infused M/M Romance – Contemporary

Length: 6,000 Words

Release Date: Estimated May 1, 2014 – FREE READ

Blurb: Alex and Jayden work as waiters in their Midwest town while on summer break from college. Alex’s infatuation with Jayden started the instant Jayden strolled through the restaurant doors. One sizzling summer night, the restaurant’s air conditioning breaks down and they are left to close-up alone. When Jayden suggests they drive to a nearby lake for a refreshing dip, Alex jumps at the chance. The night swimming adventure turns Alex’s life upside down.

Title: In Life and Blood Book 3: The Bonds of Family

Genre: Yaoi Infused M/M Romance – Vampire

Length: 40,000 Words

Release Date: Late Summer, 2014

Blurb: Julian finds the family he was kidnapped from is opening a hardware store not far from where he and Sebastian live. The Templars and Sabbatarians forbid it, as Julian’s brother is his twin. Exposing himself as a vampire to his family means certain death to them. His compulsion to see them wins and in the process he must deceive his One, his Sebastian. Will he have to kill his family in order to keep the vampires he loves safe?