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Where Are All the MM Romance Books?

I’ve been talking about all these books I’ve been working on and some of you may be wondering – where the heck are they? Well, my publisher, eXtasy Books, had to completely overhaul their website and aren’t releasing anything until that is done. In my day job, I work closely with the company web team, so I know this is no small task. They have assured us all that the new website will be up any day now and in the meantime, we are all working on writing, editing and covers.

So, here’s the list of books on the way and where they’re at:

  • Not Alone: A Rock Star MM Romance: Ready for Release Date (Was supposed to be released in June)
  • In Life and Blood Book 3 – The Bonds of Family: A Vampire MM Romance: Waiting for cover, then a release date
  • The Haunting Crush: A Paranormal/Mystery MM Romance: In editing
  • Find Me in July: A Vintage MM Romance: In editing
  • Name TBD: A Contemporary Tennis MM Romance: Currently writing (25,000 words in)

You can check out the blurbs for each of these or any of my other books by clicking on the titles above or clicking on my books tab.

One last thing – If anyone has any books they’d like to see written, let me know. I’m taking requests:)

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