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Tag: yahoo group

Yaoi and Slash Yahoo Group

I’ve made a Yahoo Group just for us : Yaoi_and_Slash. It’s for discussing all the things I tweet and write about in this blog – yaoi, slash, M/M Romance, anime, jrock, etc. I want to bring fans, authors and artists together, because I looked over all the Yahoo Groups and there wasn’t one active group like it…really. You can post links to your favorite sites, pics of your favorite yaoi pair or talk about the fanfiction story you just read. Really, just like that. And even talk about your favorite jrock song or anime – all in one place. Crap, I sound like a salesman, don’t I? *slinks away*… but really, go ahead and post some fanfiction or original fiction in the files section, I don’t care. Put up your own fanart, why don’t you? And it’s adult, so you don’t have to keep it clean *snicker, snicker*. Just make sure you’re over 18 to join<–disclaimer.

And I’ve decided to make Tristan, the main character for my new book, my poster boy, LOL.

Oh, and you can join with the handy little app over there on the right side of my blog or by going here: Yaoi and Slash