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Tag: vamps

My JRock (and Others) Running Playlist

Vamps with Hyde - JRock

I started running (instead of spin cycling) last November. I realized at some point that I needed a nice rockin’ playlist to run to, so I could run faster and make it up the many hills in my town. So, of course I included lots of JRock and I figured, hey, maybe someone would be interested in seeing it? It’s quite a collection, LOL. So here goes:

1. Clocks by Coldplay

2. Evanescent by Vamps (with Hyde of course!)

3. D-techno Life by UVERworld

4. My Heart Draws a Dream by L’Arc en Ciel

5. Dear My Friend by Miyavi

6.Ready Steady Go by L’Arc en Ciel (this song kicks my ass;) )

7. Aoi Hana by Color Bottle

8. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Anyone else out there listen to JRock while they work out? Or am I the only one?