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Hot Anime Men in the Spotlight

Okay, so the question today is, who is your favorite hot anime guy and why?

Off the top of my head I’m thinking about all the Gundam series, starting with Wing and ending with 00, just because I have yet to find a place that is streaming Gundam Unicorn online (but if I find one, I’ll let y’all know.). In Wing, we have Duo, Heero, Trowa, Quatre and Wufei. I think I like Due and Heero most, of course the dude with the long hair and the silent strong type;) I believe they are my favorite yaoi pairing from this series, too. As far as the Gundam Seeds go, I love Kira and Athrun. Kira is just so… well angsty and Athrun is the sensitive type that I wish more dudes had in them. And then of Gundam 00, my favorites are Neil Dylandy (first only to his twin brother Lyle) and Allelujah Haptism. Setsuna, though very angsty, just seems too young to me and I’m sorry, Tieria is really a girl with a male voice, isn’t he? LOL


This... is Hugue. O.O

I could name so many, like Kira and L from Death Note, Ichigo and Renji from Bleach(I just recorded the Bleach movies they showed on Adult Swim last night), Cain, Able and Hugue from Trinity Blood(love, love, Hugue), Hagi from Blood +, Amon from Witch Hunter Robin, Cloud and Vincent from Final Fantasy and Edward Elric and Roy Mustang from FMA (you didn’t think I’d forget them, did you?)  and so on.

Let’s get on to why these characters appeal to us. First and foremost for me, artwork in the anime is of utmost importance. I’m thinking Death Note, Blood Trinity, Final Fantasy and Gundam 00 here. I think everything in these series is beautifully drawn, let alone the characters. And they always have cool hair. What’s up withe free flowing, long and gorgeous hair in anime guys? Why can’t real guys look like that? Oh wait, JRockers pretty much do;) I’ve always liked dudes with long hair and I don’t know why. Maybe someday I’ll have to examine this more with a therapist, LOL. But even when I was a teenager, I always went for the dude with the longest hair and bonus if he had dark hair (black preferable). Of course, I dated a lot of musicians (and still do). Hair is my favorite part to draw when I do my own artwork and notice, not many dudes with short hair.

Moving on, how about how these guy’s bodies are drawn? Even the supposed high schoolers have a body to die for. We’re talking muscled hairless chests, six pack abs and long and lean. This is just my type as well. Not only do I like my men to have long hair, but I prefer them to have more of a lean body – none of this muscle bound, I can’t put my arms all the way down, types. And no, I do not like facial hair or a whole lot of chest hair and too bad. I like what I like and it happens to be just what anime dudes look like. Maybe this is why manga and anime appeal much more to me than Marvel Comics and  American cartoons (that was a whole other blog – “What’s up with American Animation?”)

With all the short haired, muscled dudes you see on romance novels and such and the types of guys my friends date (uh, that type), it makes me think that my taste is a little, well, eccentric. Or maybe I’m just out of the closet and there are legions of women who don’t really like the culture-driven, spoon-fed types of guys that are on television and romance novel book covers. Maybe there are hordes of us who really, secretly long for dudes who look like Lockon Stratos and Hugue. I mean, Fabio was pretty popular at one point, right? What happened to all those women? Did they all just go back in their closets?

What do you like and why?

New Home – Grand Opening and Contest!



Now that I have your attention*snicker*  Hi everyone and welcome to my new and hopefully better blog and website. I’ll be blogging here about the same things I did over at House of Manlove, namely Anime, Yoai, M/M Romance and JRock and I believe you can subscribe to my blog and get an RSS feed if you’re so inclined;) Of course, I’m still working on the bells and whistles of trying to make it easy to subscribe…

If any of you are wondering, yep, I did this all by myself! I do have an electrical engineering degree, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to figure it all out. Anyhow, this new updated version has fun things like an Anime News Network Feed, information on what’s in the works for me writing wise and lots of excerpts;) I’m thinking about doing some sort of sign-up subscription thingy and then letting people sign up to see things not open to the general public – like the first three chapters of all my books, free reads, and maybe some naked Yaoi pics (I’ve always wanted to do this, but never had the time). So what do you think of that? Is there anything else you’d like to see on the site or in the blog? I’d love to make this a bit more interactive and maybe schedule some chats (I think I saw a chat plug-in somewhere).

As it says above, this is the “Grand Opening” and as such, I am giving away a free ebook of your choice (one of mine, of course) to one lucky person who leaves me a comment on this post. I’ll be drawing at random one week from today.

And by the way, what the heck happened to Yaoi Gallery? No more naked pics???

And, here’s a nice picture of some random and racy Yaoi art:)

My stupid comments are not working properly after I uploaded my old blog to this one 🙁 So just post your comments in the Guestbook for now until I fix it. Thanks!

Book Trailer for The Obsession!

Whew! Am I tired… It took three days and two nights of less than 6 hours of sleep for me to pull this together. But anyway, I’m happy with the results. I used Corel Painter to mess with pictures I pulled off of Dreamstime (love that site for royalty free photos), plus just my own drawings that I used on the book cover. I edited the frames and such using plain old Windows Movie Maker and made an excerpt of the live English version of the song Kurenai from X Japan (which I’m pretty sure is legal as long as it’s an excerpt and they are credited – I guess we’ll find out 0.0).

But enough of the technical crap…This is a dramatic, angst-ridden book that tells the story of how a young gay man was rediculed and how he coped and I wanted the trailer to portray that. I swear, in the beginning it almost made me cry as I put it together;) Maybe that’s because the young Tristan pic looks a lot like my own son. He even asked me if that was a picture of him! Doh! Or maybe it’s just because I really got close to this charcter as I wrote the book. That happens sometimes… Okay, so here goes: