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Tag: hurt/comfort

Catching His Name Releases!

Catching His Name: A Secret Millionaire MM Romance Releases!

This was a fun book to write and I was able to let my characters eat all the great foods that I no longer can due to my food sensitivities (like gluten, eggs and milk:( ). But Dana is a character that is near to my heart, because his humor is pretty much like mine. Yep, all those weird things he says are things I say and my friends roll their eyes every time, LOL. Anyways, I hope this installment of the Mesa Boys is as entertaining for you readers as it was for me to write. Thanks for reading!

And Now, A Teaser:

I sure as hell didn’t expect that. “Really.” He locked his gaze to Nate’s lips, then licked his own. Why did Nate offering information about himself make him feel like he’d just won a prize?

“Your friends aren’t around.” Nate skimmed his teeth over his lower lip.

“You want to kiss me?” Dana came close, brushing his lips to Nate’s. They were as soft as they looked.

Nate’s breath caught.

With his mouth hovering over Nate’s, Dana whispered, “How about we play a game? Every time you tell me something about yourself, I’ll give you a kiss.” He cupped Nate’s cheek with his palm. “A really good f*cking kiss.” He pressed his mouth to Nate’s, then skimmed his tongue inside, tasting beer and spice and a hint of sweet. F*ck, he tastes good. Heat tingled in his swelling c0ck.

A low moan rippled from Nate’s chest as he deepened the kiss, his tongue dancing along Dana’s. He squirmed in his seat, adjusting his shorts.

Dana broke the kiss, his gaze meeting with Nate’s, his pupils wide. “Sound like a deal?”

Breathless, Nate said, “Is that the only way I can get a kiss?” He flicked his tongue over his upper lip.

“No, sometimes I might just want to kiss you, too.” Dana released a soft chuckle. Like probably all the damn time.

Catching His Eye (Mesa Boys book 3) Releases!

Catching His Eye (Mesa Boys Book 3) Releases!

Josh and Gavin surprised me quite a bit in the this book. It wasn’t until I was halfway through that I realized I was writing kink awakening;) So, that might give you an indication of some of what goes on between Gavin and Josh. They have a very strong sexual attraction to each other, so yeah, lots of sex scenes. Anyhow, when I first wrote about Josh as Max’s friend in book 1, I didn’t see this coming at all. Hope you all enjoy it!


And Now, A Teaser:

With a chuckle, Josh picked up his beer. “Yeah, I know all about it. My sister has two boys, and they are a handful. Cute, but I’m glad I’m the uncle and not the dad. I can hand them back whenever I want.” He peeked at Gavin.

“Yeah, you’re too young still for all of that. I was almost thirty when we had Casey. I was done with going to nightclubs every weekend.” Jacob sipped some beer. “Which, Gavin, I heard you took our new hire here down to Sixth Street last night?”

“I did.” Gavin peered at Jacob. What had Josh told him?

“By the way, it’s cool of you to share your room with Josh. I don’t know if I’d have been that nice.” Jacob ticked his brows at Gavin.

“It has two beds, it’s not like we’re sleeping together.” Josh flicked a glance at Gavin, then freed a sharp laugh.

Choking on his wine, Gavin sputtered and coughed, then wiped his napkin over his mouth. Holy shit, he did not just say that. He stared at Josh.

Josh’s face reddened.

“You okay over there?” Jacob watched him, a faint smile playing over his lips. “Good to know you’re not sleeping with the new hires, too.” He chortled.

Giggling, Josh’s face grew a darker shade of red.

Gavin dipped his head, then shook it as he came back up. “How do you know? Maybe I will.” The best way out of this, was to just go with it. He smirked at Josh.

Josh stared at him, his mouth parting, and squirmed in his seat.