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Tag: hot men

I Love Soccer for the Hot Men…and Action

Hot World Cup Soccer Players - ItalyMy boyfriend loves soccer. And since I love sports in general, I’ve been watching the World Cup with him this year. I knew soccer players were hot, I mean, who hasn’t drooled over pictures of David Beckham? But wow, it seems there is a never-ending line up of man candy in the World Cup. For ball players (pun intended), these guys aren’t your typical athletes. No, they have everything a lover of Yaoi and M/M Romance looks for in hotness, don’t they? From the long hair and lean bodies to the strong jawlines and ripped abs we all like to see on our book covers. These guys are beautiful. Which of course, gives me an idea for a story. I wonder how many of those hot guys are gay? Oh my…the locker room…the shower…I need to stop right there, LOL.

I am loving the actual game as well, don’t get me wrong. The nail-biting shoot outs going on right now in the next round are just about killing me. I can’t seem to leave my couch, not even to write or draw! I just wish the teams I’m cheering for would quite losing:( Like Mexico today or Italy. Damn. At least I still have the US team for now. Oh well, no matter who wins, we still have man candy to watch:)