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Catching His Heart (Mesa Boys Book 2) Releases!

Catching His Heart (Mesa Boys Book 2) Releases!

What can I say about this book? I hated Carter’s father as much as I loved Shane and what he has with Carter. When I started writing this, I didn’t realize (because I’m a huge pantser) how much Carter’s family drama was going to play into this story. But it brings Carter’s situation as much closure as he could get while Shane gets complete closure with his father. I think this book is ultimately about loyalty and standing by the person you love, no matter what. Okay, and Carter has a huge protective streak, LOL.  

And Now, A Teaser:

Shane stepped into the apartment, then shut the door. The aroma of beef cooking filtered into his nose, making his stomach grumble. “Oh, that smells good.” He walked into the kitchen.
Carter stood at a white stove, browning hamburger in a frying pan, his black t-shirt pulled tight across his chest, gray board shorts resting on his narrow hips. “Good. I’m making tacos for dinner.”
Winding his arms around Carter’s waist, Shane pressed up behind him and kissed the side of his head. “This is sort of nice, coming home to you cooking for me. I like having a wife.”
“I’m not a wife.” Carter held the spatula up.
“Could have fooled me.” Snickering, Shane released him, then opened the refrigerator and took out two bottles of Gatorade. He set one down next to Cater. “I called my mom today.” He rested his ass on the opposite counter from him and opened the bottle, perusing small bowls filled with shredded lettuce and cheese, salsa, and sour cream, resting on the counter next to the stove.
Carter turned from the stove. “And?” He peered at him.
“And she’s in. We just have to get your mom to agree now and well, get her to admit what’s going on.” Shane sipped the Gatorade.
“Yeah, that’s on Dylan.” Carter pressed his lips together and returned to the stove.
“My Mom gave me a warning.” Shane bumped off the counter and stepped next to Carter. Did he know what his mother could be getting into?
Carter peeked at him. “Yeah? What sort of warning?”
Furrowing his brows, Shane said, “She said that with a man like your dad, what your mom is doing is dangerous.” He set his hand on Carter’s shoulder. “I did some research on the internet. When a woman leaves an abusive relationship, or tries to, that’s when things get dicey. The guy steps up his game and he might really hurt her.”
“Fuck.” Carter stopped shoving the hamburger around in the pan and clenched his jaw.
Shane turned the burner off and slid the pan over. “Come here.” He draped his arms over Carter’s shoulders.
Freeing a long breath, Carter buried his face in Shane’s neck and relaxed into his hold. “I’m scared for her, Shane.” He hooked his arms around Shane’s waist.
“I know.” Shane kissed his cheek. “So am I.” His heart ached for him. “But we’ll be careful and when she’s ready, we’ll be there for her.”