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Tag: fiction

Book Trailer for The Obsession!

Whew! Am I tired… It took three days and two nights of less than 6 hours of sleep for me to pull this together. But anyway, I’m happy with the results. I used Corel Painter to mess with pictures I pulled off of Dreamstime (love that site for royalty free photos), plus just my own drawings that I used on the book cover. I edited the frames and such using plain old Windows Movie Maker and made an excerpt of the live English version of the song Kurenai from X Japan (which I’m pretty sure is legal as long as it’s an excerpt and they are credited – I guess we’ll find out 0.0).

But enough of the technical crap…This is a dramatic, angst-ridden book that tells the story of how a young gay man was rediculed and how he coped and I wanted the trailer to portray that. I swear, in the beginning it almost made me cry as I put it together;) Maybe that’s because the young Tristan pic looks a lot like my own son. He even asked me if that was a picture of him! Doh! Or maybe it’s just because I really got close to this charcter as I wrote the book. That happens sometimes… Okay, so here goes: