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Not Alone: A Rock Star MM Romance Release Date!

Not Alone - Rock Star Yaoi, MM Romance Novel

August 27, 2021!

The Release date is here for Not Alone. I’m pretty excited to be finally getting this book out there. It will be available first at eXtasy Books, then most book retailers within the week (Amazon, Apple, etc). A little bit more on the background:

  • It takes place in Pacifica, California and Ash rents an apartment from a complex where I used to live (I loved living in Pacifica).
  • Ash tries to surf on a beach where a wave pounded me into the sand, because I didn’t know you shouldn’t surf there, LOL. This is also where he meets Micah.
  • The two go to some of my favorites places in the Bay Area and hike where I used to hike.
  • My partner is a bass player and was in a signed band back East, so gave me lots of insider info about the business.

This was a fun book to write and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Not Alone: A M/M Rock Star Romance – Cover Reveal Coming Soon and FREE READ!

I’m getting close to a release date for this new novel (it’s 112,000 words!). So, it’s time to let everyone know this book will be released in the July/August time frame. eXtasy Books is doing a website overhaul, so I’m waiting on that.

Anyhow, if you’d like a sneak peek at the full cover, along with a free prequel read (in PDF), please subscribe to my Newsletter (over there in the right hand bar->)

What this book has in it:
– Enemies to Lovers
– Hurt/Comfort (lots)
– Bisexual x Gay

Trigger warning: There is discussion of a suicide and a drug overdose.


Ash is a rock star. Micah is a broken man. Neither one wants to be alone.

Ash Oakley has spent his life making music and doing what it takes to reach the top, along with his best friend (with benefits) Wells by his side. After a year of touring and opening in stadiums for rock legends across the globe, he needs down time and rents an apartment in a beach town outside of foggy San Francisco. He decides to take up surfing. His first time out, he discovers a rude, but mysterious man on the beach who captivates him in a way he didn’t expect. The man is clearly grief stricken, something Ash knows a lot about after losing his guitar-playing brother to a drug overdose.

Micah Knowles left his friends, his family, and his high-tech job to sit on the beach, day after day, struggling to heal from a devastating event he can’t even speak of out loud. He doesn’t deserve friendship and certainly doesn’t deserve love, not after what he did.

When their worlds collide, Ash must uncover the truth about the man he’s falling for and decide if he can handle it. Micah must face his demons to heal and let Ash in. But after all that, Ash’s very public world and lifestyle might be the thing that tears them apart.

If you do Yaoi or MM Romance, do you do Boys Love Dramas?

So, maybe you like Yaoi manga and anime and maybe you like MM Romance books. If so, you really need to check out Asian Boys Love Dramas. No really, I’m not kidding. There are a ton of these series coming out of places like Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and even China. And they’re good. Really good. Like, you can handle the subtitles good.

You can find many of these loaded up on YouTube and some even on Netflix (Gameboys – very sweet, or SOTUS – slow, slow burn, The Untamed – just awesome). There are also a lot of streaming apps available, namely, VIKI, LineTV and Tencent Video where free content is available or you can get a subscription.

Anyhow, back to the main point here. If you’re interested, then what to watch? My favorite couple (known as a “ship”) are those two guys above there, Max and Tul. They star in Manner of Death and the Together with Me Series (there are two) and their series have lots of man-on-man action, if you catch my drift, and feels. Some of my other notable favorites are:

  • HIStory 4: Close to You
  • Manner of Death (of course)
  • Together with Me (of course)
  • We Best Love
  • 2Gether the Series
  • TharnType

There are so many more, but I wanted to list out some that might get you all started. There’s a great list here: My Drama List

But, don’t believe me. Just watch this clip from HIStory 4: Close to You.