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What’s in it:
– Bad Boy Rockstar
– Forced Proximity
– Opposites Attract
– Coming Out
– Cinnamon Roll MC
– Second Chance
– Hurt/Comfort

– Deceased Parent
– Off-Page Partial Open Relationship

A playboy rocker running from commitment fears he might lose the sweet cinnamon roll he’s been dating. When an ex comes around pointing out flaws, can the rocker change his tune?

Noah Harris

I love a rockstar. It’s not easy, but most of the time he makes it worth it. Afterall, I was the one who agreed to a semi-open relationship when he’s on the road without me. As the band gets more and more popular, it’s impossible to ignore the images of him with groupies on social media. When my ex meets up with me to apologize and points out Wells’ indiscretions, how can I continue to deny the commitment I need?

Wells Tollefson

Commitment means one thing, or maybe two—loss of freedom and complication. I don’t want either. I saw what it did to my mother when my jerk of a father tried to dominate her life. Noah wants me to meet his parents. But with our current situation, what will they think of me? Now his ex wants to see him, and I have to let him go. My friends tell me I might lose him, and it hurts. So, I try to open up to him. At the same time, I’m caught in a family crisis and I need Noah by my side. Is it time to face the music and let my heart lead the way?

Loose Ends is part of the multi-author The Road to Rocktoberfest 2023 series and is a sequel to the novel, Not Alone. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not read them all and see who hits the stage next? Hot rockstars and the men who love them, what more could you ask for? Kick back, load up your kindle and enjoy the men of Rocktoberfest!

Trigger warning: This book contains the past death of a parent and talk of a partially-open relationship(not on page).