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Here is the newsletter-subscription only full cover reveal for Not Alone – A M/M Rock Star Romance, due out in July or August, 2021. Stay tuned for more updates.

In the foreground is Ash Oakley, lead singer for The Swarm and main character. In the background is Wells Tollefson, bass player and Ash’s best friend with benefits.

This book has:
– Enemies to Lovers
– Coming Out
– Hurt/Comfort (lots)
– Bisexual x Gay

Trigger Warning: This book contains discussions about a previous suicide and drug overdose.


Ash is a rock star. Micah is a broken man. Neither one wants to be alone.

Ash Oakley has spent his life making music and doing what it takes to reach the top, along with his best friend (with benefits) Wells by his side. After a year of touring and opening in stadiums for rock legends across the globe, he needs down time and rents an apartment in a beach town outside of foggy San Francisco. He decides to take up surfing. His first time out, he discovers a rude, but mysterious man on the beach who captivates him in a way he didn’t expect. The man is clearly grief stricken, something Ash knows a lot about after losing his guitar-playing brother to a drug overdose.

Micah Knowles left his friends, his family, and his high-tech job to sit on the beach, day after day, struggling to heal from a devastating event he can’t even speak of out loud. He doesn’t deserve friendship and certainly doesn’t deserve love, not after what he did.

When their worlds collide, Ash must uncover the truth about the man he’s falling for and decide if he can handle it. Micah must face his demons to heal and let Ash in. But after all that, Ash’s very public world and lifestyle might be the thing that tears them apart.